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Undergraduate courses of law are often designed to give students the knowledge of the subject, but the LLB & BA.LLB. at Swami Vivekanand Law College (SVLC) is a professional education, and practical legal training here is inevitable/ mandatory on top of teaching the legal theory. The course at SVLC includes seminars, tutorial work, moot courts and practical training program on top of course ware theory.

The high achievement in legal profession/ advocacy mandatorily requires good analytical, presentation and communication/ argumentation skills; and to good news, all three above skills can be developed and improved with practice. In order to improve your skills, to become an achiever advocate, practice is required in effective presenting your case and arguing which is a big challenge for a developing student at the college level. These skills can be improved by taking part in the Moot Courts at the college level so that your presentation skills and talents in argument shall be screened and you will be in notice of your level in the competition around you. You will then seek an improvement of your position in the competition. The student at SVLC not just sticks to the theoretical teaching, and hence we organize/ participate to Moot Court Competitions within Campus and at various platforms.

The Moot court Hall is like a practical room for a student to get accustomed to the atmosphere of the Courts as well as improve his skills in law and advocacy of law. In a Moot court a hypothetical case is given to the students and is allowed to argue the given case. The participants research their respective sides, write appellate briefs, and present oral arguments in front of the judges. Judges are free to ask questions at any time during the presentation, and students must respond accordingly; therefore, a profound understanding of the facts of the case, their arguments, and their opponents” arguments is required.

The more you are exposed to the practicality of the advocacy skills the better you perform to the standards of the court. You need to participate in as many moot courts as possible to get that very practical experience in dealing any kind of case.

Mooter's Forum
Moot Court activities are at the centre of the Law education at SVLC. We maintain serious focus to surface and enhance the competitiveness and confidence among the students as part of the mooting teams besides sharpening their other soft skills.

Mooter's Forum at SVLC

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